Your First Interview

This book outlines the key advice to set you up for your first interview.

What should I wear? How should I communicate? How do I prepare? Although this book is aimed at those less experienced in interviews such as young adults, the advice and tips given are still valid for all ages and experiences. Maybe you haven't had an interview in the last 10 years... this book is a great reminder of that process!

The Winning CV

Writing a resume that will differentiate one from the thousands of other job seekers vying for the same position can be a daunting task for anyone. With so much appearing to hang on the line of a simple piece of paper, and when you consider the fact that recruiters only spend an average of 6 seconds on a resume; it means you should put more effort into making sure you have a perfect one. It could be one of the easiest things you would have to do in your job application process, especially if you follow all the right steps and put your mind to it. These right steps are the things we’re about to present to you in this book.

Humble Beginnings

A collection of short stories from first job exepriences. Starting off in your first work experience as a young adult is never easy. The lack of experience means the jobs can be challenging yet rewarding. In 2017, we asked people to tell us what their first job was and the response was amazing. Over 1,200 responses later, we found the stories really interesting and humbling and wondered how we could share this with other people. After asking for permission from those who shared their story with me, we have put together this book in hopes of inspiring young adults just starting out their employment journey, as well as providing a highly interesting read for those at the other end of the spectrum.