What if employment was a game?

The Yep Career mobile app is designed to motivate young adults and ultimately get them employed.

The Game

Seeking employment can be a difficult process, especially for those with no experience under their belt yet. One of the main issues we identified was the ability for young adults to remain motivated through this. We decided to tackle this on an app by allowing users to complete various employability tasks and as a result gaining points in the process. This then means the user makes in-app progress by reaching a new level each time a specific amount of points is gained.

This improves employability but also makes the process feel more fun and like a game. Users can also unlock achievements in the app.

Job Matching

As you complete various tasks such as identifying your key skills and interests, the app matches you with jobs that satisfy your skillset but also with jobs you will enjoy.

On your profile, you can specify which type of job you are seeking, whether it be an internship, graduate scheme or full-time job, and so on.

Career Advisor

If you wish, you can link your account with a career advisor in your area. This will allow a qualified career advisor within an employment help service to assist you along the way. The career advisor will be able to monitor your progress, pinpoint the key areas you are struggling with and instatly chat with you on the app. The advisor system they use is our own product where you can find more about it here.

In-App Support

Aswell as having the option to connect to a career advisor, there are also a variety of free resources included in the app such as inteview and CV tips.

When successfully gained employment, that app will still be able to assist you with information regarding tax, workplace etiquette and money management.

Other Features

Other features in the app include, job browsing (outwith matching), CV builder tool and your friend's leaderboard.

The app is currently in development and has not been released yet. When launched it will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.