Bridging the Gap Between Advisor and Client

A platform for career advisors at Universities, Colleges and Employment Help Services.

Monitor client progress

Advisor allows career advisors to monitor how their client is doing with the in-app progress. They are able to pinpoint the key areas the client needs help with.

e.g. A client has been to 3 interviews last month (recorded in calandar on app), but is still unemployed. This will flag up to the advisor and they will be able to interact with their client and help them with interview techniques.

Priorotise and Save Time

Using data you are able to priortise who needs help more than others, putting your time to the best use and identifying those who are in urgent help.

Instant Messaging

Instantly chat with your clients on the apple

Meeting Reminders

Clients will receive an app notification when they have a meeting coming up. This will ensure clients don't forget about meetings, resulting in more available time slots.

The Advisor Map

Subscribing to our service, your establishment will be added to our "Advisor Map", allowing app users to find their nearest advisor to them and linking them to one of your advisors. In most cases, the user must be a student in the associated University or College to use your services.