Our Story

Yep Career, so far...

Yep Career has grown arms and legs since it started as just a University Project in 2016. Chris Lawlor in his final year of Computer Science at the University of Strathclyde took on the project as part of his dissertation. The aim of the project was to “help young adults transition into the workplace smoother”.

Chris worked with Fraser McKinlay, a career advisor within the council, to help him understand the struggles young adults go through gaining employment but also collaboratively work with him to understand the struggles career advisors have supporting them. One of the main struggles identified was the ability to keep young adults motivated throughout the career seeking process. Chris tackled this in the app by allowing users to gain points, level up and unlock achievements, making the process feel more like a game than a set of tasks. Dr Marilyn Lennon and Fraser McKinlay were highly supportive of the project and had a lot of input in the inital stages of the app.

Since leaving University, Chris has started his own mobile app development company called Lawlor Technologies, where Yep Career is one of the main products. While managing client work as an app agency, Chris has been continuing to develop this project and growing the brand.

Out with the app and career advisor platform, Yep Career has 3 books published on Amazon, developed an Alexa skill to emulate the interview process at home and launched job portal that filters jobs best suited for less experienced individuals.

Lawlor Technologies was chosen as one of the University of Strathclyde’s Rising Stars of 2018 which included office space and £10,000 worth of support. Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network has been greatly supporting Yep Career from a University Project to the commercial products it is now.

We have big plans for the future and our mission is to revolutionise how people gain employment and as a result increase employment levels throughout the UK. We plan on expanding our operations to the US in year 3.